WIN AND MAC OSX Native Instruments Windows 7/8/10 download torrent


WIN AND MAC OSX Native Instruments Windows 7/8/10 download torrent

WIN AND MAC OSX Native Instruments

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WIN AND MAC OSX Native Instruments

WIN AND MAC OSX Native Instruments

SESSION HORNS PRO is the ultimate in playing horn. Fix 10 sampled instruments perfectly in parts of six pieces.

A 30 GB library provides the ultimate depth and flexibility with additional velocity layers and joints. Automated and intelligent organization provides true-to-horn arrangements life no matter your skill level.

Ten ways to play

SESSION HORNS PRO provides three saxophones, two trombones, three trumpets, tuba and flugelhorn. 38 section prearranged settings for all popular styles to get you started right.

Or adjusting your horn section with up to six tools divided into four voices. You can also play any solo instrument extreme realism.

Every detail caught

30 GB sound library SESSION HORNS PRO is ten times greater than that of the session corn.


Jam for over 200 ready to play, organized competently reefs animator. Running six phrases at a time through the lock always in perfect harmony.

Smart Voice Split ensures that every note will be saved with the right equipment and Legato Mode mimics real world engineering performance for incredible realism.

Mixer and

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Recognizing the different levels and panning tools, compression and EQ each voting separately, and sweetened with reverb and delay.

Then add the master effects, including compression, EQ, saturation and bandwidth low-pass filter. Finish with a special twist amp simulation added to the glue mixture.


Take control of the 10 sampled instruments accurately intuitively playable, and arrange for a realistic representation. 30 GB of real contemporary horn.

Customize horn section six pieces

huge sample library provides maximum realism

Intelligent game modes for ease of use eventually