Alex Gladushevskyy gathered intelligents and engaged in art house

It is unlikely that someone would think to challenge the thesis of versatility Alexei Gladushevskogo. A man and a lot of time to produce TV projects, and accessory lineup once released, and a couple of years ago and still singing. I, honestly, its activities follow, and now Alex has pleased me another achievement – a clip for the song “You can simply say,” the producer wrote that in a team Gladushevskyy & New intellectuals.

Above clip worked as a team, headed by director Nikolai Zaseevym and photographer Xenia Koloshevoy. Since virtually all members of the group call themselves avid film fans (what did you expect from intellectuals?), And the video was filmed in the style of old French films “new wave”. But the most interesting in the fact that the team has completely abandoned the use of Photoshop, post-production video and painting. The final assembly of frames included only original footage.

“Perhaps now someone it will seem ridiculous or absurd …” Do not scrubbing “face, an aquiline nose, dents in the jacket … Yes, we most want to approach the old cinema realism. We focus on the text, and hope that we will hear, understand and perhaps love, “- commented on the clip itself Gladushevsky.

In general, this art house itself has turned. I propose to immediately watch: